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7 Deadly Website Sins

7 Deadly Website Sins

In the world wide web, sinners are indeed not winners.  Each one of the following website sins are responsible for the loss of a staggering amount of business.  The good news is that each of these sins can be rectified, bringing your website into the light.  So take heed fellow site owner as I walk you through the valley of the shadow of website death. 

Website is not mobile friendly

With the explosive growth of smart phones and their ability to browse the internet, it is now imperative for websites to be mobile friendly.  Potential customers coming to a site via their phone and finding they can not view it will quickly see them leave the site and go and view another.  With 41% of Australians currently using smart phones, and an estimate of 65% by 2017, this is one sin you do not want to commit. 

Poor Optimisation

It does not matter how amazing your website is if it can not be found in a Google search. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital component of website design, giving your website a greater chance to be found by those looking for your goods / services.  Using the most suitable keywords in the right way can mean the difference between being #1 or being #1001.

Confusing Navigation

There is nothing more frustrating that landing on a website and not being able to find what you were looking for.  Visitors should not need to learn how to use your website in order to move around it.  It should be straight forward, with simple, intuitive navigation.  Remember, not everyone visiting your site is going to be web savvy.

Information Overload

Visitors to your site do not want to be slapped in the face will a wall of text.  On landing on your homepage, they should be able to understand within 5-10 seconds who you are and what you have to offer.  It is still better to limit the amount of scrolling a visitor to your site needs to do to read your content.  The last thing they want from visiting your site is a RSI scroll finger.

Lack of Transparency

Everyone wants to feel confident when they are looking at making a purchase.  One thing that can give them that sense of comfort is seeing that there are real people on the other end.  Some of the most visited pages on website are staff profiles.  Visitors like to know who they are dealing with and put a face to a name.  Without this sort of transparency, visitors may think you have got something to hide.

Pop up Ads

Used properly, pop up ads can help create business.  Unfortunately, as discovered in a survey by Hostway, 93% of sites that use pop up ads frustrated the visitor rather than entice them. In addition 70% of those visitors said it was highly unlikely that they would purchase from a such a site.  It is much better to entice potential clients with quality website content.

Website not being kept up to date

Your visitors want to know what you have to offer now, and not what you were doing in 2008.  On top of that, search engines such as Google like to see fresh content on your website.  By adding news articles, updating your products/services and keeping information on your site fresh, not only will you entice visitor interaction, your search engine rankings will improve.

Repent Your Sins!

If you find that your site is guilty of any of the above sins, it is not too late to repent.  By making the necessary adjustments, your website will be able to recover and be brought back into the virtual light.  Visitors will rejoice and search engines will praise you with better rankings.

If you are unsure how to make the necessary changes, the team at Brandicoot are more than happy to answer your questions and can assist you in improving your website. Give Andrew, Chris or Simon a call today!  You will be glad you did.