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How To…. Setup Facebook for your Business

How To…. Setup Facebook for your Business

I have seen quite a few businesses set up on facebook incorrectly.  People are registering their business as facebook users rather than as a business page.  Not only does it have a negative effect by limiting the way you can promote the page, it is also against the Terms and Conditions of Facebook and they can shut down the page at any time they wish.

There are many benefits to setting up a facebook business page including:

  • You can link multiple administrators/staff to a page to update the content
  • Visitors can click on the like button and get automatic updates (no need to approve friendships)
  • Can add specific business details such as contact info, map and trading hours
  • There is performance data tracking available, so you can see how many eyes are seeing your page!
  • and more!!
To get started, firstly you need to sign into facebook (or create an account if you do not have one)

You can do this at

Once logged in then go to

You will see the below page:


Select the type of page that is the most accurate description of your needs.  For this tutorial, I am going to choose “Local Business or Place”

Once selceted, the box you clicked on will be replaced with a form you need to fill out as demonstrated below:

Note: Professional Services was selected from a drop down menu that appears when you click on that form field.

Once you have filled in the form, you must check the box that says “I agree to Facebook Page Terms” before hitting the “Get Started” button else you will not be able to continue.  You can click on the “Facebook Page Terms” link  to read through them.

Once you click on “Get Started” you will be taken to the screen below:

This is where you can upload or insert a Profile Picture to your Facebook Business Page.  We suggest using your business logo here.  Once you have uploaded your photo, click on the “Save Photo” button.  Then we can continue onto the next step.

Note: The image is square and will crop your image to fit inside the square.  Best to upload an image that will fit cleanly. I skipped this step, so you will notice that I do not have a profile picture in the final image of this tutorial, but it can be added quite simply as you will see.

Now you will arrive at the About Page.  Fill in the description of your business in the box provided and make sure you add a link to your website if you have one (If not, we can help you out with that too!)

Select the appropriate button in regards to your business and click on save info.

And TADA!!  Your page has now been created!  It will be quite bare (as pictured below)

From here you can follow the links on the page to update your business information, cover photo, add galleries, articles and so on.

See you (and your business) on Facebook!!!