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Improve your search engine results – part 2

Improve your search engine results – part 2

There are a number of ways that you can personally improve your search engine results.  Last month I showed you how simple it is to setup and reap the benefit of using Google Places (click here to review Part 1).  This month, I am going to impart some knowledge that has helped website owners boost their rankings dramatically with only a small amount of effort on their part.  Something that Google is constantly on the lookout for…..  Fresh Content!

The addition of new content to your website plays a variety of roles that will help boost your search results ranking.  By placing new information on your site you are prompting search engines to come and review your website which will lead to more visitors coming to learn about your services.  More visitors lead to improvement in your search engine position and also your overall page ranking.

Regularly adding quality content of a decent size to your website will see an increase in rankings as well as a growth in visitors.  

What do you mean by regularly?

Adding a page, news item or article to your website every 2-4 weeks is enough to entice search engines to visit your website on a consistent basis, which in turn works towards building up those rankings.

What do I mean by quality content?

  • Information that is related to your field of expertise
  • Information that can be used or acted upon
  • or Information that creates an emotional response

What do you mean by a decent size?

A quality article should be around 300 – 400 words long.  Any less and it does not have enough valuable information.  Any more and people will see it as a wall of text and not take the time to read it.  This article for instance is 382 words long. If you find that your article could be a lot more than 400 words, it is well worth breaking it up into 2 or more separate articles such as I have done with this series.

If you are not the sort of person that enjoys writing new content for your website, or you just don’t have the time to do it, then please feel free to contact Andrew, Chris or Simon at Brandicoot on 9745 9170 to discover how we can help.