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It’s time to get Blogging!

It’s time to get Blogging!

Use Latest News posts to promote your business.

140715-Brandicast-TimeToBlog-image1Is your business running a promotion? Just received a warehouse full of new stock? Invested in the latest technology? Celebrating a milestone?  These are just a few great reasons to utilise the Latest News section on your website to Blog!

Blogging can help market your business as well as connect you with your existing & future customers. Latest news posts can be shared across multiple social networks, and if people find your blog post interesting or helpful your post just might get a whole lot of attention!

Blogging also increases Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website as it offers repeat opportunities to utilise keywords on your site. Blog posts are often found on the first page of Google searches. The more blog posts you have, the more traffic will be generated and your business will receive more leads.

The great news is that Brandicoot websites are built using the WordPress platform, the most SEO-friendly, user-friendly content management system available. You have the tools, now it’s time to put them to work.

Lets get started with some Blogging Basics



Are what make a blog a blog, and are different to the Pages that make up your website. To create a new one click the “Posts” button on the left hand side menu on the WordPress admin panel. See Post vs. Page  for an explanation of the differences.

Great Content:

Is your business unique? Do you offer new or exciting information in a new or exciting way? Why not? Blogging is, at its heart, a creative pursuit (even when blogging for business), so get creative!

When you begin developing your content, be sure to write content tailored for the reader, not just keywords for Google. Put your own personality, or the personality of your business, into your blog.

Winning Headlines:

Writing a catchy blog post title that strategically incorporates SEO, using one of your primary keyword phrases is essential.

Powerful Images:

Ensure your blog header images are appealing and grab the eye, so they’ll look good in a social media post. People want information fast, so focus on balancing your content. Offer comprehensive articles occasionally but also short, visually-appealing info-graphics or galleries or even embed a video. (Link to:

**Don’t forget to use your own images, or make sure the images you are using are royalty free.

Use Links In Your Content:

If possible, link through to other pages of your website or latest news feed. For example, if you are writing a blog post on Business Logos, and previously you wrote a blog post about, or have a page dedicated to, Graphic Design, link to that Graphic Design blog post or website page.

Link to Social Media with a single click!

Just tick the Social Media category (it’s to the right hand side of your text box) and your news post will automatically post to your Facebook page & Twitter feed.Social Media

Too hard? Too busy? Not sure how to get started? Let us help you!

The team at Brandicoot are always looking for ways to make life easier for our clients. If you need some help getting started, or with managing your Latest News / blog posts, Brandicoot have the expertise to assist. Get in touch with us today!

Brandicoot’s hot tip…  Schedule blog posts for the future!

If you have a big announcement, are following a publishing schedule, or have more than one post ready to go and don’t want them to publish at the same time, WordPress can schedule posts to go live at a particular time and date, so you don’t need to be at your computer (or even awake) when the post goes live. Here’s how.

In the WordPress admin panel, go to the Edit screen for the post you wish to schedule.

Publish later1. In the top-right of the page, look for a box titled “Publish,” where you’ll find an option that reads “Publish immediately.”
2. Click the blue “Edit” text next to “Publish immediately” and choose the month, date, year and time you want your post to be published. Remember to use military time (3:00 p.m. would be 15:00).
3. Click the grey “OK” button.
4. The “Publish immediately” text should now change to “Schedule for,” with whatever date and time you have chosen.
5. If you’re ready to go, click the blue “Schedule” button (formerly “Publish”). Your post is set to go.