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Reviewing Your Advertising Budget?

Reviewing Your Advertising Budget?

That time of year is quickly approaching for a lot of us… the budget review.  Are you going to make any changes this year? I hope so!! Not making changes could cost you dearly, in both cash-flow and clientele.  The playing field is changing consistently, and modifying your advertising strategies around it is essential if you wish to stay ahead of your competition. 

If you have not done your research of recent changes to advertising trends, don’t panic.  The team at Brandicoot have already taken the time to do this for you.  In fact, last month we published an article that goes into detail on these trends right here

There has been a massive increase in smart phone sales, and we are all aware that more and more people are using Google to find the products and services that they want.  My question to you is…

Have you allocated a higher percentage of your advertising budget to online advertising to compensate for this growth?

This has been the weak point of quite a number of small businesses that are so used to doing things the old way. For example, putting the same ad in the newspaper week after week.  There are fewer people reading print media each day, but so many small businesses do not reallocate their budget to where it is more effective.

I have another question for you….

Are you aware that the cost of a half page ad in the local newspaper that appears for one day only can cost you more than a full month of 24/7 advertising on the internet?

Not only that, but the ads do not cost you anything unless someone clicks on them!!  Imagine that!!  The only time the ads cost you anything is when you get a pre-qualified lead come through to your website!  I am sure that will make you consider changing the your advertising budget allocations.

If you would like to find out more about what Brandicoot can do to help you improve your advertising spend and get more “Bang for your Buck”, then give Andrew, Chris or Simon a call on (08) 9745 9170.