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Search Engine Marketing – Part 3

Search Engine Marketing – Part 3

In this step of the series there is going to be a pop quizz, but don’t worry, there are no wrong answers.  What it will do, however, is make you think long and hard about where you are spending your advertising dollar.  There is a lot of wasted money spent in advertising areas that, if re-allocated, could see a dramatic improvement in your advertising return on investment.  This quiz will only take about 2 minutes of your time, but may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Are you ready?……  Here we go!

What is your advertising budget?  
What percentage of you budget is in..

Print?   Radio?    TV?    Internet?    Mobile?

 What percentage of your clients come from..

Print?   Radio?    TV?    Internet?    Mobile?

 On an average day, how many minutes would you be exposed to…

Print?   Radio?    TV?    Internet?    Mobile?

Has this made you think twice about your marketing strategy??

A recent study has come up with the following statistics as to how much exposure people have to different mediums and where the average company spends its advertising dollar.


As you can see, many are overspending on print.  A lot of companies are starting to realise the importance of allocating some of their budget towards the internet, though at this stage it has generally been the larger corporations.  Small businesses are just starting to catch on now, and those that get in early will get the best results.  You can see that mobile advertising is still quite new, but with the large number of people with smartphones, you will see more companies allocating a portion of their advertising dollar here very soon. 

Are you now having second thoughts as to where to allocate your advertising dollars ?

How much do you spend on print advertising?

How much do you spend on promoting your website?

There is a way to actively promote your site for minimal comparative cost!

I am referring to the Google Pay Per Click Advertising system.  There are several benefits for using this method to promote your business and they are:

  • costs only when someone interacts with your advertisement (and visits your website)
  • your ads can appear on computers AND mobile devices – this gives you exposure to that 10% market as shown in the graph above
  • instant results – the day you approve your ad is the day that they start appearing on the internet
  • guarantee a placing – instead of trying to outrank competitors in organic results and spending hours a week trying to update and tweak your website, you can just pay a small amount to instantly be above them in search results.
  • fully trackable results – you will receive a monthly analytic report giving you in depth information on how your advertising money is spent, how many visitors came to your website, what keywords they were using to find you and more!
  • alter budgets and ads on the fly – If you want to change the wording of your ads, change some keywords, or modify your daily spend this can all be done on the fly.

We recommend starting with a $10 a day budget and track performance for a month and make any alterations to help improve performance and ROI.

If you would like to find out more about Pay Per Click and how it can benefit your business, give Andrew, Chris or Simon a call on 08 9745 9170.  they will be happy to answer your questions.