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SSL Security Certificates

SSL Security Certificates

No SSL certificate on your website?
Here’s why you need one ?

First of all, what is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing an encrypted link between between a web browser (what you view websites on) and a server (where your website is hosted). This link ensures that all data exchanged between the browser and the server remains secure.

SSL allows your website and your visitor’s browser to transmit private, sensitive information without the worry of eavesdropping, web forgery, and data tampering.

Why SSL is important?

The primary importance of installing an SSL Certificate is to initiate a secure session between a web server and a browser. Once a secure connection is established, all information passed between the web server and the visitor will be kept private and encrypted.

What are the benefits of SSL:

  • Better google rankings. Google has recently stated publicly that having HTTPS encryption for your website is now a factor within the Google search algorithm. Recent studies, together with notable ranking updates have demonstrated the increasing value of SSL certificates within Google’s algorithm. If you want your website optimised for better search engine rankings, you should consider getting an SSL certificate to help boost your rankings.
  • It improves customer trust. The little padlock assures your visitors that their personal or sensitive information will not be compromised. The data will be sent to the intended target servers, and it will not be redirected to unauthorised third parties.
  • It protects information against phishing attacks. Phishing sites are fraudulent copies of websites whose purpose is to trick visitors into submitting valuable information like your credit card or social security numbers. Phishing sites often have the same look and feel as the original site, but the website address is different and it is usually not secured with an SSL certificate., for example, is a popular target for these fake, copy-cat phishing sites. Extended validation certificates protect you against phishing attacks by showing the full business name of the website owner in the address bar. Phishing site operators cannot obtain an EV certificate due to the extensive validation requirements.

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