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The ONLY password you’ll ever need to remember!

The ONLY password you’ll ever need to remember!

Internet banking, social media, gmail, membership sites…. There are so many websites that we use on a regular basis that require us to type in passwords.  We tend to either use the same password or we make them simple because it is too difficult to remember or takes too long to type in.  Our laziness here can be an incredible security risk.  What if I told you that all you needed to do was remember 1 secure password and you automatically log into the websites you wanted access to?  Sound good?  Now what if I said this was simple to setup and did not cost you a cent… Interested?

LastPass is a secure password management system that plugs into your internet browser and not only allows you to manage your passwords, but also has some amazing features for businesses that gives it a huge advantage over its competitors.  Let me give you an example of how we use this system.

Here at Brandicoot, we use a password system that remembers all of our complex and unique passwords for all the websites we use, and there are a lot of them!  Each member of our team creates their own LastPass account and is then given shared access to all the websites that Brandicoot is a member of, relevant to their needs.  The accounts team is given access to sites such as internet banking, while the marketing team has access to the Brandicoot Google Analytics and Adwords accounts.  

1372078247_preferences-desktop-cryptographyIt may not sound special, but here lies the beauty….  Those that have shared access do not know what the passwords are for the sites they have access to, so if they leave the company, there is no need to go through and change all the passwords.  All that happens is that their “LastPass shared access” is revoked.  They can still use their LastPass account for their own personal passwords they have saved, but the company access is removed.

If you want to simplify your password system, improve your online security and streamline your companies IT procedure when gaining or losing staff, then LastPass is an ideal solution.  If you would like to find out more check out the LastPass website  or give the team at Brandicoot a call on (08) 9745 9170.  You will be glad that you did.